Neelibhringadi Coconut Oil also known as Neelibhrungadi Kera Tailam, is a powerful tonic for the head and hair. It brings together all of the most potent hair treating herbs in a cooling and nourishing medium of coconut oil and milk that gets to the root of premature greying and hair loss.

•This blend also includes a number of herbs to support and augment the effects of bhringraj. Principally among these are Amalaki, Brahmi, and Neeli. Amalaki is a powerful herb which is used in many ayurvedic preparations for its powerful balancing of pitta and general rejuvenative effects. It is also cooling and sweet which renders is a strong ally to the actions of bhringraj. It cleans and cools the blood, restoring natural tone and balance. Meanwhile, it enhances ojas, the life force, increasing the general vitality of all tissues. Neeli is also a potent alleviator of pitta and supporter of rich and colorful hair regeneration. Brahmi, named for its divine treatment of the mind and nerves, is also cooling but unlike the rest it is bitter, rendering it a strong cleanser of the blood and nerves. It is renowned for its ability to restore a calm clarity to the mind, both helping to relieve stress and to prevent further stress by helping one to better adapt to the vicissitudes of life.
•This potent combination of herbs is first decocted in a blend of cow’s and coconut milk and then blended in coconut oil. This combination of vehicles enhances the soothing powers of the herbs and delivers them straight to the blood and associated tissues. Milk is a powerful vehicle for any treatment of the blood and related tissues. It delivers the herbs directly to the blood while its sweet and cooling effects cool an overheated pitta and provide the essential nourishment for the balancing and revitalization of tissues. Coconut milk in particular is the only milk other than human breast milk to contain lauric acid, which when turned into monolaurin by the body is an essential anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. This helps to cleanse the blood and skin of harmful parasites such as scabies which can cause or complicate chronic dry scalp and dandruff conditions. Coconut oil is one of the only oils which has a cooling effect, and as such it is ideal for any hair or scalp application. It is nourishing, rich in healthy medium chain fatty acids, including lauric acid, and rejuvenating to the skin and hair. This trio is the cream of the crop for any hair treatment.

•In the medium of coconut oil with the additional support of cow’s and coconut milk this oil carries its healing power deep into the blood to calm and sooth an overactive pitta, while moisturizing and nourishing the hair and scalp to soften and strengthen them. In addition, Neelibhringadi oil includes several herbs which clarify and refresh the mind and so helps to relieve the stress and anxiety which is often a prime contributor to hair related problems.
•The central ingredient in this hair tonic is Bhringraj, which literally means ‘the king of hair’. Bhringraj is a powerful and well-rounded tonic for the plasma, blood, and bone marrow, all of which are the root causes of hair growth and color. Bhringraj is cooling and sweet in effect. It works to cool the blood and related tissues which have been over-heated by a hyperactive pitta. It draws out toxins and restores balance to the blood, which due to continual stress and hyper-acidity becomes toxic and erratic. In addition, the sweet effects of bhringraj nourish and restore the blood and skin bringing a natural and healthy tone to the surface and the hair.
•Neelibhringadi Coconut Oil combines the forces of the greatest allies to the skin and hair. Its cooling and cleansing effects on the blood help restore natural hair growth from the bottom up, while its nourishing ingredients are a boon both to the body and mind. It treats every manner of cause for premature greying and hair loss aiming to treat the problem at its root. For as the saying goes, healthy roots make for healthy hair.
•Neeli swarasa – Juice extract or decoction of Indigofera tinctorea
•Bhringaraja swarasa - Juice extract or decoction of Eclipta alba
•Shatakratulata (Karnasphota) - Cardiospermum helicacabum – decoction
•Dhatri – Amla – Emblica officinalis
•Aja ksheera – Goat milk
•Nalikera Ksheera – coconut milk
•Mahishiksheera – Buffalo milk
•Dhenudbhava – Cow milk
•Taila – Coconut oil
•Yashti – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra
•Gunjamoola – Root of Abrus precatorius
•Anjana – Aqueous extract of berberis aristata

•Promotes dark and lustrous hair
•Prevents falling of hair
•Dryness of the scalp
•Cures premature grayness
•Compliments by enhancing beauty if regularly used as a hair oil

•Apply this oil all over the scalp by using fingertips thoroughly to penetrate the oil into the growing ends of the hair.
•Apply for 20 to 45 minutes.
•Then take bath.
•Storage: Cool and dry place, normal M/East climate

Packaging / Quantity:

• 200 ML


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Warning: Protect from direct sunlight.
Use the solution within 6 months from opening the seal.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.

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